Beckam is an outgoing and adventurous 10-year-old boy with end-stage kidney disease. While Beckam was in his hospital bed after his kidney transplant, he would watch commercials about Atlantis and think, ‘I want to swim with the dolphins when I get my strength again”. When Beckam found out that his wish would be coming true, he was so excited and the anticipation gave him something to look forward to as he was recovering.

Beckam and his family enjoyed seeing all the fish, sharks and boats in Atlantis; they even got to learn how to make pottery while they were there. Beckam’s favorite part of the trip was swimming with the dolphins and going down all the water slides. Beckam’s trip coincided with another wish child from Utah, Carter. The two families hit it off, and spent their entire trips together!

Beckam’s mom said that the best part of the whole experience was that Beckam got to choose his wish. Throughout his medical journey, he’s always had to be told what the next step or process is. But for once in his life, Beckam was able to do what he wanted, when he wanted.  “He was able to make the wish himself and we saw such growth in him over the course of the trip,” she explained.