Clint is an athletic 17-year-old boy who loves lacrosse and dirt bikes. After finding out he had been diagnosed with leukemia, Clint spent six months in and out of the hospital. Sports and hobbies were put on hold during that time.

Hospital visits were a struggle for Clint as he has been riding dirt bikes since he was 4-years-old; dirt biking is by far Clint’s favorite hobby. During his recovery, Clint was given the opportunity to make a wish, and after careful consideration of what he wanted to wish for (and clearance from his medical team), Clint wished for a brand-new Honda CRF250R dirt bike.  

On the day of his wish, Clint was invited to visit the ZAGG corporate office for a party. He had no idea what was waiting for him. During the middle of party, employees at the ZAGG office surprised Clint with the dirt bike of his dreams! He also received all the gear he’ll need to ride in style.

Clint’s mom shared that Clint was so surprised to receive his wish and absolutely loves his new bike. Clint looks forward to warm weather so he can start riding!