Bennett was born a thrill-seeker. Playing games with his family, running around outside with his friends, and swimming are among his favorite activities. However, when this six-year-old boy was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis, a rare form of cancer, his pursuit of adventure was put on hold by the limitations of his condition and corresponding treatments. That is, until Bennett found out he could have a wish come true.

After seeing a commercial for an incredible water slide that went through an underwater shark tank, his wish was decided: Bennett wanted to go to Atlantis. Counting down the days until he would literally swim with sharks gave him something to look forward to during treatments. His family said it helped by giving him hope and immensely changed his attitude and bravery. To Bennett’s great surprise, the thrills started before he even left Utah, with a limousine ride to the airport and a fun gift package full of arts and games.

At Atlantis, Bennett raced down water slides, swam with dolphins, and explored the resort’s amazing system of tunnels that run underneath the fish tanks. His favorite slides were the Abyss—a slide that drops into complete darkness and ends in a cavern with fish tanks—and the Leap of Faith, which really did go right through a shark tank. By the end of the trip, Bennett was ready to move in!

Looking back, Bennett’s mom said “the entire process was so much more than we ever thought possible. It made us realize that there can be good in the worst of times and situations. People do care and it has been humbling to see how every detail is taken care of to make a child’s wish come true.”